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Saturknight by Echopraxium
Individual Styles from $13.50
Saturknight Font Family was designed by Michel Kern and published by Echopraxium. Saturknight contains 1 styles. More about this family

About Saturknight Font Family

Saturnight Regular

is a proportional

and kerned typeface.

The name is a variation of Saturnight,

which is itself the anagram of Unstraight.

This is because vertical lines are Unstraight sticks. It's a consequence of the Design rule

* Glyphs are built from segments on a triangular tessellation (cf. poster 1)

Note 1: Unstraight lines depend from the chosen tesselation orientation

(here the tesselation has horizontal lines and thus Unstraight verticals).

Note 2: The encoding is Windows Latin 'ANSI',

which includes Icelandic characters (as illustrated by poster 3).

Designers: Michel Kern

Publisher: Echopraxium

Foundry: Echopraxium

Design Owner: Echopraxium

MyFonts debut: Apr 29, 2022


About Echopraxium

Echopraxium foundry makes unconventional typefaces e.g: * Decorative / Steganographic Braille typefaces (e.g. Diamond Braille) * Glyph designed to gather as a lattice(e.g: Hex Braille / Kernig Braille) * Substitution cypher (e.g. LSPK90H, a Leetspeak variant meant to be read clockwise) * Anticipated/Foreseen - Symbols / Icons / Tesselation / Colored typefaces - Non Roman / Antique / Scifi / Fantasy alphabets \\//_Dif-tor heh smusma (LLAP: “Live long and prosper”)