Scangraphic's predecessor was the German printing company Dr. Böger Duplomat, founded in 1934. In 1981, the company decided to move into the typesetting world. Scangraphic was the new company that was founded to build digital composition systems that would blend expertise from both printing and typesetting. Under the leadership of Knut Smeidel and Bernd Holthusen, Scangraphic introduced Scantext 1000, the company's first phototypesetter. Scangraphic was one of the first companies to adopt internal-drum imagesetter technology with the Scantext 2000 in 1986. Mannesmann AG, one of the largest companies in Germany, acquired Scangraphic in 1989 from the Dr. Böger Group. Scangraphic was the first to make the internal-drum imagesetting technology available to the PostScript market. In 1980, Scangraphic began developing its own font library, which by the end of the decade was large and well respected. In 2004, the Scangraphic font library was relaunched in digital formats, with newly designed Euro and @ symbols, and is now offered at MyFonts as the Scangraphic Digital Type Collection.