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Sibyl by Sentinel Type
Individual Styles from $25.00
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Sibyl Font Family was designed by James Arboghast, and published by Sentinel Type. Sibyl contains 4 styles and family package options. More about this family
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  • Sibyl_Ligatures
  • Sibyl_Alternates
  • Sibyl
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4 fonts
  • Sibyl_Ligatures Sibyl_Ligatures

  • Sibyl_Alternates Sibyl_Alternates

  • Sibyl Sibyl

  • Sibyl Sibyl

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Pack of 4: $25.00

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About Sibyl Font Family

Sibyl is a beautiful display letter rich in structure, sumptuous in finish, and exquisitely detailed throughout. What amounts to a rarity among rarities—an inline schwabacher—required many hours study of traditional schwabacher fonts. The resulting Sibyl type hews much closer to authentic schwabacher forms than its "scanned and fonted" progenitor, the Verzierte Schwabacher designed by Carl Kloberg, 1891. Designed for commercial use, Sibyl is an easy-to-read schwabacher. The "romanized" k, s and x make the lower case familiar whilst renewing the schwabacher spirit. With modularity kept to a minimum the capitals are all very individual and designed not to be used together, but to function like the capitals in a formal script, as a set of spunky initials to "power-drive" the lower case. Many highly-regarded blackletter fonts are let down by numerals that look like they belong in another font. Sibyl remedies this icky integration problem with an uber-cool set of hanging figures—built from the same rules and modules as the lower case for perfect integration. Imagine that! Well now you don't have to. Special thanks to Jess Latham (Blue Vinyl Fonts) for working to finish Sibyl after the damage to my eyesight caused by a double brain aneurysm. Sibyl is ideal for food packaging, posters, printed apparel, music CDs and album and book covers. In OpenType and TrueType flavors.

Designers: James Arboghast

Publisher: Sentinel Type

Foundry: Sentinel Type

Design Owner: Sentinel Type

MyFonts debut: Jul 16, 2007