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Slim Pickens

Slim Pickens by Dear Alison
Individual Styles from $19.00
Slim Pickens Font Family was designed by Alison Argento and published by Dear Alison. Slim Pickens contains 1 styles. More about this family

About Slim Pickens Font Family

Have you ever seen lettering that you can connect with but have no clue where you've seen it before? It strikes a chord with certain feelings but you don't know why. Slim Pickens was inspired by the lobby card and poster titling from the 1949 Doris Day film "My Dream is Yours", and keys into the look and feel of vintage handwritten film poster titling. Something about that era in film made it easy to tie visuals with getting swept up in all sorts of emotions, good and bad. A narrow font, full of life and wonderfully hand-drawn, Slim Pickens is an accent font you'll want to have in your font collection for those tight fits, so buy it today and fill in the gaps of your designs with a little nostalgia!

Designers: Alison Argento

Publisher: Dear Alison

Foundry: Dear Alison

Design Owner: Dear Alison

MyFonts debut: Apr 2, 2008

Slim Pickens

About Dear Alison

Dear Alison is the creation of Alison Argento, a travel writer based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Although her work dictates that she spend most of her time typing and editing at the computer keyboard, she prefers the traditional look and feel of handwritten letters and the freehand lettering arts along with the look of vintage type. Dear Alison fonts are meant to bring the handcrafted feel of personal correspondence to the digital age.