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Soft Serve

Soft Serve by Sentinel Type
Individual Styles from $24.90
Soft Serve Font Family was designed by Haley Fiege, James Arboghast and published by Sentinel Type. Soft Serve contains 1 styles. More about this family

About Soft Serve Font Family

Looking like happy frosting on a cupcake at a twiddle bug party, this bouncy food entry from Canadian designer Haley Fiege turns the original Jellybrush type into organic happiness you can spread on pancakes, ice-cream, sorbets, sauces and condements, oh peanut butter! Yeah, all kinds of sandwich fillings. Anything really. What else? People who own rubber factories. Anybody in the food business, like green grocers or your local bakery. Thrift stores. Falling somewhere between cushions and cat food, this flexible and inviting letter mixes simplicity with organic character and humor for a wide range of uses. Soft Serve’s compact cursive forms and bouncy friendliness draw on artbrush scripts and the typo-italic model of Renaissance Vatican scribe Ludovico Arrighi. A versatile workhorse ideal for: * Dairy & beverage * Sweets & soft drink * Five minute food & sauces * Pet food & accessories * Bathroom & kitchen * Cushions, pillows, rubber & swimming pool, etc.

Designers: Haley Fiege, James Arboghast

Publisher: Sentinel Type

Foundry: Sentinel Type

Design Owner: Sentinel Type

MyFonts debut: Nov 5, 2008

Soft Serve

About Sentinel Type

Sentinel Type is the typographic arm of advertising creative James Arboghast. Dedicated to producing distinctive and original typefaces for commercial sale, Sentinel Type also provides powerfully effective typographic logos, custom fonts and type solutions for all varieties of business. All Sentinel Type faces are designed to have lasting artistic value, and crafted to the highest level of technical quality.