Sonic Savior

Sonic Savior is a collaborative project of a Dutch designer, a sound engineer, and an alchemist by the name of Senior Zadith. The aim of the project is to reveal the beauty of harmonic proportion in sound, shape, and substance. A number of fonts are being designed to properly present in digital format any project results that are presently available to the public. Rather than pursuing the one holy grail of fonts, a number of glyph sets are conceived, each with its own individual harmonics. For unison is not the one expression of life, and beauty comes in multifarious colors. The individual harmonics that are locked within these fonts are geometrical equivalent of the perfect fifth, perfect fourth, or some other pleasant and agreeable form, each containing its own vibration consonant to underline the words of the written message. Antediluvian is first font family that was made available for personal and commercial use; a font that has its roots in the most ancient recognition of the vibrations that surround and define us.