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Staring Contest

Staring Contest by
Licenses from $20.00
Complete family of 4 fonts: $20.00
Staring Contest Font Family was designed by Jakob Fischer and published by Staring Contest contains 4 styles and family package options. More about this family
  • Staring Contest Regular Staring Contest Regular

  • Staring Contest Brush Staring Contest Brush

  • Staring Contest Brush Italic Staring Contest Brush Italic

  • Staring Contest Italic Staring Contest Italic

Per Style: $5.00

Pack of 4 : $20.00

About Staring Contest Font Family

The act in a staring contest is two people maintain eye contact and the one who blinks first or breaks eye contact loses.. Did you know that there is a world record in not blinking? Last time I checked, the record was about 41 minutes - maybe someone took that record since I checked!? Anyway, you can stare as much as you like on this font, it will only get better, the longer you stare! Ha ha, maybe not, but it is easy for the eye, legible and playful at the same time. Comes to you in both regular and "brush" versions

Designers: Jakob Fischer



Design Owner:

MyFonts debut: Feb 6, 2019

Staring Contest


Hi, my name is Jakob Fischer and I am the the guy behind - I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I spend most of my spare time messing around with fonts and drawings. Besides making fonts I am working fulltime as a kindergarden teacher.As you may notice, my style is sometimes quite goofy and playful. I find my inspiration in comics and graffiti - and the nickname "pizzadude" kinda got stuck to me and reflects my style in a good way. The name pizzadude comes from a 1989 movie “The ‘burbs” starring Tom Hanks. At some point the character Ricky Butler (played by Corey Feldman) cries out “...but I just called the pizzadude...” - that struck me as a fun thing for a nickname...and voila! The pizzadude was born! :)