We are a small digital type foundry and a graphic design studio based in North Bohemia. In our projects, we focus on the harmony between semantics of the content and aesthetics of the form. And, it is the power of elementary graphic symbols that has always fascinated us, so it is no surprise that designing our very own letter shapes have become a natural part of our work, from custom letterings to full-fledged and publicly available fonts. As graphic designers, we know how a single glyph change can completely shift the perception of the work. And that’s why you’ll usually find a rich set of OpenType features in our fonts, so you can customize the typography to your liking. Since our native language uses many—often not easy to design—diacritical marks, we also know how important is to pay a great attention to different language specifics. So we do. At Sudetype we believe that patience should be a crucial part of type design. We are deliberately in no hurry to publish our typefaces, many of which have been developed for more than 5 years. Our font library might not impress you by its scale but our goal is to make you happy with every single—even the least used—glyph we produce.