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Swissa Piccola

Swissa Piccola by Jeremia Adatte
Individual Styles from $15.00
Complete family of 3 fonts: $50.00
Swissa Piccola Font Family was designed by Jeremia Adatte and published by Jeremia Adatte. Swissa Piccola contains 3 styles and family package options. More about this family

About Swissa Piccola Font Family

The Swiss typewriters were famous for their unique precision. As complex digitalizations and macro shots were a start for the inspiration and studies, each character has been carefully re-crafted from the ultra high def scans of the printouts made on a special bleed-proof paper. Today’s characters such as @, euro sign and most of accents have been crafted according the original alphabet design. The idea was to digitize and keep a saving of the original typewriter including all its functions (e.g. underlining key) . It’s surprisingly very legible at small sizes. Thanks to an x-height tighter and more spaced, a glyph design less detailed and more neutral/simple than other fonts found on american or italian typewriters. The final artwork can be set at very large sizes due to the highly detailed glyph design. Swissa Piccola Regular is loaded with more than 150 glyphs created with the typewriter to avoid letter repetition in a word. This OpenType feature can be accessed through the 'discretionary ligatures' option. Plus it comes with two stylistic sets : one with an original underlining feature, another with a slashed-x feature. In which all characters are unique and also have been originally typed with the typewriter. It contains more 600 glyphs in total. The two features are separated in another two fonts (Swissa Piccola Slashed x and Underlined) in case a non OT-savvy app is used. If you wish to obtain exactly the same prints as the original Swissa Piccola typewriter, you should set your font at 11.3 pt and 19.5 pt of line spacing. The Swissa Piccola font was originally offered in a dedicated limited edition packaging.

Designers: Jeremia Adatte

Publisher: Jeremia Adatte

Foundry: Jeremia Adatte

Design Owner: Jeremia Adatte

MyFonts debut: Aug 10, 2012

Swissa Piccola

About Jeremia Adatte

Typography is a passion for more than 15 years. I do type design besides my main job, product and industrial design at Adatte Design studio in Lausanne, Switzerland. I was originally trained as a graphic designer. Avid collector of vintage type specimens, advertising, rare and beautiful objets, old and new art, design, print and typography books. Among various sources, books and rare catalogs are where I dig inspiration to create modern, technologically advanced, quality, and timeless display typefaces for creative people who seek original and unique designs.