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Tengwar Transliteral

Tengwar Transliteral by Zephyris
Individual Styles from $0.00
Complete family of 1 fonts: $10.00
Tengwar Transliteral Font Family was designed by Richard Wheeler and published by Zephyris. Tengwar Transliteral contains 1 styles and family package options. More about this family

Per Style: $3.33

Pack of 3 : $10.00

About Tengwar Transliteral Font Family

You can read more about how to use this font and how it works here. This font lets you write in accurate Tengwar (elvish) quickly and easily. While writing his Middle Earth books, JRR Tolkein invented an entire alphabet for the elves called Tengwar. His attention to detail was incredible, Tengwar is a fully functioning writing system. This is the famous Elvish writing seen all through Lord of The Rings and the Hobbit. Tengwar is an alphabet, not a language, and can be used to write many languages. Tolkein gave detailed notes on how to write English in the Tengwar alphabet. This font uses advanced font features (contextual alternates, ligatures and kerning) to automatically convert any English text, as you type, into an accurate representation in the elvish Tengwar alphabet.

Designers: Richard Wheeler

Publisher: Zephyris

Foundry: Zephyris

Design Owner: Zephyris

MyFonts debut: Jan 22, 2015

Tengwar Transliteral

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