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by Latinotype
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Texta Font Family was designed by Daniel Hernández and published by Latinotype. Texta contains 32 styles and family package options. More about this family
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About Texta Font Family

Texta. A Sans for All.

Through studying humanists’ models from Edward Johnston to Adrian Frutiger and the Gothic Alphabet made by sign painters comes Texta, a contemporary, rational, transparent and useful sans to compose all kind of texts. We incorporated an Alt version that replaces lower cases like a-g-y with geometric constructions to get more versatility in neutral compositions.

Texta update:

New set of diacritics for uppercase letters.

New design of symbols like Section, Partialdiff, Dagger, Approxequal, among others.

Expansion of monetary symbols, (Bitcoin, Peso, Franc, etc.)

Basic ligatures like fi, fl.

Stylistic set ss01 with alternate “a” and “e”.

Set of 496 glyphs, more than 200 new glyphs.

Supports over 200 languages.

Designed by Daniel Hernández Sánchez ©2022

Designers: Daniel Hernández

Publisher: Latinotype

Foundry: Latinotype

Original Foundry: unknown

Design Owner: Latinotype

MyFonts debut: Oct 8, 2014


About Latinotype

Based in Concepción and Santiago, Chile, Latinotype’s founders say, “Our goal is to design new typefaces remixing diverse influences related to our South American identity with high quality products for the contemporary design industry.” And the duo have been doing just that since their foundry’s creation in 2007. One of the most successful foundries on MyFonts in recent years, Luciano Vergara and Daniel Hernández , have put together a rapidly growing collection of typefaces in a wide array of genres. Specializing in colorful display and script faces, the group’s name “Latinotype” emphasizes the strong tie they feel to their cultural identity. “It is clear to us,” they said in their Creative Characters interview, “that Latin America does not have a typographic tradition in the way it exists in Europe or the United States; in fact, until recently all the fonts used here came from those places.” They see this as a good thing, adding that “not having a long-time tradition in type design implies that we can work without the burden of the past — very freely, with no fixed paradigms and without fear.” And work without fear they have. Chile’s first digital foundry, they began selling their typefaces on MyFonts in 2011.Working with young designers and creative directors in mind, they say, “We design for graphic designers, not for other type designers, and generally do not seek prestige. This work is our passion, but it is also our job and we understand it as such.” Many of the foundry’s best selling fonts have been recognized as some of the design industry’s most popular fonts such as Showcase, Arquitecta, and Trend; a MyFonts Most Popular Fonts of 2013 pick. They’ve produced everything from elegant,sophisticated scripts like Ragazza Script to popular, whimsical fonts such as Ride my Bike (featured in MyFonts Most Popular Fonts of 2012) and Four Seasons. The men of Latinotype’s mantra: “As Picasso said, ‘Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.’ In our case: if we manage to set a trend, it is by working hard.”