type me! fonts

For Jakob Runge, type design has become more than just a passion, he believes that letters and typography are an essential foundation for precise and coherent communication. The founder and primary designer of type me!, Jakob started the foundry as a way to publish his own designs independently. “The idea behind type me! fonts was to give me the opportunity to work with other designers,” he says. “My design partners come with their own inspirations and ideas for new typefaces and we work together to create high quality, readable typefaces.” Based in Munich, Germany, Jakob started designing type professionally in 2013 and opened his foundry a year later. He made his MyFonts debut with Muriza, a slab serif design that he worked with Jürgen Schwarz to create. He’s gone on since then to release best selling designs such as Cera Pro, a pan-europan geometric grotesk, and Cera Stencil Pro. Boasting an impressive, constantly growing, library, Jakob continues to strive to create unique, high quality typefaces for any project. In 2015, all Type Me Fonts were transferred to the TypeMates foundry label.