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Typewriter DirtY

Typewriter DirtY by Matthias Luh
Individual Styles from $32.00
Typewriter DirtY Font Family was designed by Matthias Luh and published by Matthias Luh. Typewriter DirtY contains 1 styles. More about this family

About Typewriter DirtY Font Family

Typewriter DirtY is related to the Typewriter BasiX and Typewriter Revo fonts. While Revo has a very clean and simple outline, BasiX is a bit washed out and looks worn. DirtY goes a step further and has a very dirty, worn, fuzzy, grungy vintage look – even more so than BasiX. Typewriter DirtY is especially suitable for headlines, logos, covers, slogans and much more. BasiX and Revo are recommended for longer texts. Although Typewriter DirtY looks good even in small font size, it is a bit more complex to render because of its detailed outlines.

Typewriter Revo, BasiX and Dirty are monospaced typewriter fonts, which are matched to each other. They have the same dimensions and generally somewhat similar contours. Therefore, they can be perfectly mixed and matched with each other.

Designers: Matthias Luh

Publisher: Matthias Luh

Foundry: Matthias Luh

Design Owner: Matthias Luh

MyFonts debut: Feb 24, 2021

Typewriter DirtY

About Matthias Luh

This is the personal foundry for Matthias Luh.