Yellow Design Studio

From what started out as a graphic design studio, Rena and Ryan Martinson have created Yellow Design Studio, a type design and fine arts studio based in Sanibel, Florida. Having found a way to blend two very different mediums of design into a single business, each of them have focused their skill in a unique niche. Since the premiere of his first font, Magesta Script, Ryan has continuously produced high-quality and immensely popular fonts. In fact, in 2012, two of his fonts, Veneer and Anodyne, were celebrated on MyFonts Most Popular Fonts of 2012 list. And those aren’t the designer’s only typefaces receiving recognition: a stellar 7 of his 9 fonts have been featured in our Rising Stars newsletter. His work has been featured in huge campaigns by notable companies like American Express, Dodge Ram, CBS, Burger King, Starbucks, Target, American Music Awards, ESPN, HuluPLus, Whole Foods Market, World Market, National Geographic Channel, Asics, Purina, Hightail, and Dakine.