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by Eyad Al-Samman
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Yusyad Font Family was designed by Eyad Al-Samman and published by Eyad Al-Samman. Yusyad contains 7 styles and family package options. More about this family
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About Yusyad Font Family

The typeface Yusyad is designed mainly for a very sentimental and emotional reason. Metaphorically, it is a modest artistic gift offered virtually from the designer to one of his beloved and cherished persons in this life, namely, his loyal and devoting wife. She represents one of the most essential motives for many artistic and non-artistic works that the designer achieved during his life. This was done through her tranquil personality, infinite patience, sincere support, and endless encouragement. The designer's partner (i.e., the significant other) lives with him along with their three children looking both always for a life full of peace, achievements, philanthropy, and of course love.

The typeface's name Yusyad is a portmanteau word consists of two morphemes. It is a simple name-meshing for two different names. Those names represent the name of the designer's wife (Yusra) and the name of the designer (Eyad). Yusyad is like an epithet that ties the two partners' honest and eternal relationship until the last day of their lives.

Technically, Yusyad is a sans-serif condensed and display typeface. It comprises seven fonts with dual styles and multiple weights. Specifically, it has two main styles, namely, the normal and the inline design. The normal style comes in five weights (i.e., thin, light, regular, bold, and black) whereas the inline style has two weights (i.e., regular and bold). The typeface is designed with more than 700 glyphs or characters. Its character set supports nearly most of the Central, Eastern, and Western European languages using Latin scripts including the Irish and the Vietnamese languages. The typeface is appropriate for any type of typographic and graphic designs in the web, print, and other media. It is also absolutely preferable to be used in the wide fields related to publication, press, services, and production industries. It can create a very impressive impact when used in movies' or TV-series titles, posters, products’ surfaces, logos, signage, novels, books, and magazines covers, medical packages, as well as the product and corporate branding. It has also both of lining and old-style numerals which makes it more suitable for any printing or designing purposes. To end, Yusyad's condensed appearance—especially the inline style—makes it very memorable, eye-catching, and striking for advertising, marketing, and promotional purposes.

Designers: Eyad Al-Samman

Publisher: Eyad Al-Samman

Foundry: Eyad Al-Samman

Design Owner: Eyad Al-Samman

MyFonts debut: Jul 10, 2020


About Eyad Al-Samman

Eyad Al-Samman is a Yemeni author, lecturer, typographer, and freelance graphic designer. He was born in Sana'a, the capital city of Yemen, and still lives there. Eyad has a bachelor degree in electrical and computer engineering and a master's degree in business administration. He works as an assistant lecturer in local Yemeni universities and community colleges. He teaches there managerial and other subjects in English language. Eyad has started working as a graphic designer since 1999 and discovered the magic world of typography in the mid-2000s. His first designed typeface was Loyolliams which he designed in the late of 2005. His fonts are mostly used in typesetting and publishing of different texts including Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Kurdish, Latin, Cyrillic, and other texts. One of his composed pangrams is (waxy gents chalked over my fab jazzy quip) which contains 34 letters.