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Carmel Type Co. is a boutique foundry dedicated to providing professional grade typeface designs that raise the bar and look beautiful. We work with a hand-selected group of the most skilled craftsmen in the industry to provide expressive and artistic fonts built for the detail oriented, discerning designer. Every typeface we produce is built to add a sense of sophisticated style and flair to every project they are chosen for.

Carmel is the product of our collective passion and experience within the fields of lettering and typography. We have a deep love for hand-crafted letters and strongly believe that they have a place in the modern designers tool kit. At our core we are just two type enthusiasts who can think of no better way to spend our free time than by doing what makes us both happy - getting great typefaces out into the world.

We hope you enjoy them.


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    Carmel Type Co.

    United States of America

5 font families from Carmel Type Co.

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1 font style from $39.00
Cozy sphinx waves quart jug of bad milk.
Alchemist Alchemist


4 font styles from $19.00
When we go back to Juarez, Mexico, do we fly over picturesque Arizona?
Mosler Mosler


5 font styles from $15.00
My help squeezed back in again and joined the weavers after six.
Reverb Reverb


2 font styles from $19.00
Quickly Shortz dreams up a few vexing jumbles.
Motor City Motor City


12 font styles from $19.00
Was there a quorum of able whizzkids gravely exciting the jaded fish at ATypI?
Skyward Skyward