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Dan Cotton is a graphic designer, lettering artist, and now, a type designer. Dan learned hand lettering through his work as a graphic designer. He learned the traditional styles first, and then he ventured into pointed brush where he found his real passion for hand lettering. As he gained more and more freelance lettering work, he finally made the leap and became a full time lettering artist.

In 2005 Dan was hired by Hallmark Cards; “I relearned hand lettering from some of the best lettering artists in the world. I started drawing more and more of my lettering, rather than using a brush or pen. I became an expert at drawing vectors - because of the sheer volume of work. I also got my first look at my lettering being turned into fonts and knew I wanted to do that someday.”

In 2011 Dan left Hallmark to go back to freelance lettering and the Rocky Mountains. Dan bought FontLab in 2015 and 2016 released his first font.

Visit my website to view more of my work.

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Many big jackdaws quickly zipped over the fox pen.
Shavano Shavano


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TV folk buy ex-Prez John Quincy Adams’ wig.
Organic Cotton Organic Cotton