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Digifonts is a digital foundry dedicated to producing quality typefaces in a wide range of styles. We think that “typefaces are actors” then we design fonts to play different “roles” in a design.

At Digifonts we design fonts for text, for display, for logos and for trademarks. We like to explore form and fuction and we have some “experimental” designs.

All of our designs was part of Tipografica Exhibition ''LETRASLATINAS 02" and Coporation font was a selection of the Jury.

The designers are creative directors, graphic designers and art directors for major clients around the world.

Foundry details

  • Location:
    Medrano 1685
    Buenos Aires, CP1425
    phone: 0054 11 - 4822-0514
    fax: 0054 11 - 4822-0514 int 18
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