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Melli Diete

Chi* within letters – harmonic fonts in balance for different aspects of life,
allowing fine, creative tunes to appear in your texts and headlines.

Melli creates fonts since 2003. As a young child, she already drew little
typographic posters to be pinned in the streets. The message was clear:
Think of love.

She holds a diploma in Communication Design, already won some
design prices and never runs out of ideas.

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6 font families from Melli Diete

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14 font styles from $45.00
We have just quoted on nine dozen boxes of gray lamp wicks.
Anne Bonny Anne Bonny


20 font styles from $60.00
Gen. Schwarzkopf’s job quietly vexed him.
Lupa Slim 1 Lupa Slim 1


30 font styles from $39.00
Queen Elizabeth’s proxy waved off Mick Jagger.
Gingar Gingar


4 font styles from $60.00
Many-wived Jack laughs at probes of sex quiz.
Mary Read Mary Read


4 font styles from $80.00
Verbatim reports were quickly given by Jim Fox to his amazed audience.
Fidelia Script Fidelia Script


12 font styles from $60.00
About sixty codfish eggs will make a quarter pound of very fizzy jelly.
Lupa Sans Pro Lupa Sans Pro