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After finishing design school and working for a few years in the field, I pushed the pause button on my career to be a stay-at-home mom. I kept one foot in the design world (and kept my mind from going crazy) by coming up with my own projects to work on. It was in those long nights of feedings and colicky babies that I gained the nickname “Petto” - after Pinocchio’s Geppetto - who crafted away in his workshop late into the night. Petto also became a verb, as in “Oh, you are Pettoing again,” which my husband would say as he made his way down the stairs for a midnight snack.

My font called Context was created because I noticed how a designer’s work could be drug down by poorly executed people images. Drawing people can also be time consuming, and thereby expensive. Context provides a library of over 50 people images to complement your project. I am currently working on a collection called “More People,” which will include people in more variation. Stay tuned!

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    Beth Davis

    United States of America