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Tom Chalky

Hi there! I'm Tom Chalky. A font designer from the U.K. obsessed with the handwritten, handpainted, and imperfect. Almost every design can benefit from a ëhumans touchí or at the very least, the appearance of one. Itís relatable, tactile, and authentic. It stands out in our clean and crisp digital world and itís this charasmatic and expressionate style of design that I strive for in each and every one of my fonts.

Thanks for stopping by, I really hope you like what I have to offer. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to tom(at)

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5 font families from Tom Chalky

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16 font styles from $11.00
Dumpy kibitzer jingles as exchequer overflows.
Bobby Jones Bobby Jones


6 font styles from $12.00
Boxer M. Tyson packs his bags w/ Jay-Z DVDs, Quik, Holyfield’s ear.
Buckwheat TC Buckwheat TC


4 font styles from $12.00
Crazy Fredericka bought many very exquisite opal jewels.
Magnite Magnite


5 font styles from $9.00
Gen. Schwarzkopf’s job quietly vexed him.
Skribblugh Skribblugh


6 font styles from $7.00
Wavy Jake’s fat zebra had Mexican pig liquor.
Russell Brush Russell Brush