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My name is Mohamad Shadiq and I design the font under the foundry name Bandofol Studio. Bandofol is the fam name from my father’s descent, so I use the name as a tribute to me.

I also have another font shop on the web which I also name Bandofol Studio. So I keep using that name as my foundry name in my font.

Before I decided to focus on as a font designer, my job was as a graphic designer, which I did for 4 years since I was in college. I am used to making banner designs for the needs of my campus organization. But after that, I decided to focus on making fonts and I happened to have a calligraphy writing course when I was in college, so I thought that I had the basis to focus on the world of fonts.

With that skill capital, I also want to focus on the handwritten font style. That’s why all the fonts ever released from Bandofol Studio are handwritten style fonts. My first font was released in the middle of 2020. The font is called Nalalanda, a brush style font. Since then, I wanted to participate to give color to the world of graphic design through the handwritten font style of Bandofol Studio.

After releasing fonts several times, I felt a sense of satisfaction when I succeeded in making a font from my own hand, that’s what always keeps me excited to continue writing and creating new fonts, even though until now there are only 5 fonts available at the Bandofol Studio shop .

When I have free time, I like to use that time to sketch the letters for my fonts. For now, there are almost 15 font sketches that will be ready to be vectored and made into font products. And not a few who want to buy break up and offer a price for the sketch and vector files that I created when I posted the rough sketch on my personal account.

I create and release fonts through the Bandofol Studio in my home, Palu city, Indonesia. And one is grateful that Indonesia also has many font designers and has a special group for font makers; from that group, I also learned a lot how to create and produce a good font.

Besides my busy life and hobby in creating fonts, I also enjoy browsing and imagining looking for inspiration for my new fonts by paying attention to graphic design products. I also enjoy exercising and drinking coffee to keep my physical health, brain and spirit healthy and productive.

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