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Cuchi, qué tipo

"Cuchi, ¡qué tipo! / Hey, what a man!" is really a wordplay nickname for Carlos Campos (“tipo” in spanish means both type and guy, and “cuchi” is an andalusian colloquial expression for “hey” or “look” ).So, Carlos Campos is a graphic and typography designer based in southern Spain (Jaén, Andalusia). Co-founder of the event Órbitas Jaén©, that it celebrates in the same city, Carlos is also currently working in the investigation and recovery of street and traditional lettersigns in his city, as an university project called "Rótulos chuléricos de Jaén / Supercool lettersigns from Jaén". Besides, Carlos is the official dog walker of his little cute dog Kora Ampersand (“ampersand” comes from her natural position when she falls asleep on his bed).

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