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Mili + Wise is a new foundry founded in 2021 by a graphic designer with a great passion for typography. Monika specializes in creating fonts that create a positive experience for the designer who uses them, as well the consumer who will be enjoying the products created with them. Each font is designed and kerned with care and love to make using it a breeze. 

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4 font families from Mili + Wise

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3 font styles from $10.00
Freight to me sixty dozen quart jars and twelve black pans.
Wisely Wisely


2 font styles from $8.00
Verbatim reports were quickly given by Jim Fox to his amazed audience.
Felek Felek


2 font styles from $12.00
Would you please examine both sizes of jade figures very quickly.
Kocha Kocha


3 font styles from $12.00
Quick zephyrs blow, vexing daft Jim.
Neatly Said Neatly Said