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Redcollegiya is a graphic designer and a vector artist having a portfolio of illustrations on leading microstock sites. She also has experience with practical work of books design for a major children’s publisher in Moscow, Russia.
She very much loves to create different lettering or calligraphic compositions and funny handwritten letters for kids stuff design. And thanks to that, she got a dream to create her own original typefaces. Her favorite fonts styles is calligraphic, handwritten or cartoon, funny, cozy and cute.

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4 font families from Redcollegiya

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4 font styles from $8.00
Many big jackdaws quickly zipped over the fox pen.
Maybug MS Maybug MS


3 font styles from $8.00
The exodus of jazzy pigeons is craved by squeamish walkers.
Fancy Kingdom MS Fancy Kingdom MS


2 font styles from $8.00
Alfredo just must bring very exciting news to the plaza quickly.
Ginger Mate MS Ginger Mate MS


1 font style from $10.00
Boxer M. Tyson packs his bags w/ Jay-Z DVDs, Quik, Holyfield’s ear.
Third Floor MS Third Floor MS