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Shreyank Shivaprasad

My name is Shreyank Shivaprasad and I am a Graphic designer and a creative professional looking to make and sell interesting typefaces. I am enthusiastic about experimenting with styles and formal qualities of typefaces that may have not been done before and push it in new and interesting directions!
I love to draw inspiration from a variety of sources, from the old masters and classics typefaces such as Garamond, Avenir and Helvetica to newer directions such as the resurgence of hand lettering artists of Instagram and youtube. I love to sketch and play around and experiment, either with a specific goal, such as an amalgamation of ideas of different existing typefaces, an homage to another medium or art such as a painting or a video game, or may be even as a doodle and experiment that may lead me to unexpected places.
The goal of this foundry is to put my quirky creations out there and to see all the different and unexpected ways that they may or may not be used.

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