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Slava Antipov

Slava Antipov is a font-designer from Russia. He specialize in Latin and Cyrillic decorative fonts. He has an unusual look at letters. Typography is his passion. Slava Antipov likes to create fonts with unique geometry. His fonts attract the attention with their unusual shape. Slava Antipov also became interested in creating sans-serif fonts recently. He has already started developing one font family and plans to release many different high-quality typefaces in the future.

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    Slava Antipov


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6 font styles from $29.00 - some free
Perhaps President Clinton’s amazing sax skills will be judged quite favorably.
Phonk Phonk


4 font styles from $15.90 - some free
A very bad quack might jinx zippy fowls.
Aqum Two Aqum Two


3 font styles from $19.90 - some free
Hark! Toxic jungle water vipers quietly drop on zebras for meals!
Mars Wars Mars Wars