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Spacetype is an independent type foundry founded by Stan Partalev and Mirela Belova.
After working together with significant ease for the past few years, we decided it is time to team up. Driven by shared vision and inspiration, we focus on producing high-quality original fonts with great technological care.
We started out as visual artists in various fields. However, we both found ourselves most inspired when creating functional designs, which in time grew into a passion for typography and type design.
Now with several years of experience working on different successful typefaces, we are ever so motivated to share what we are capable of.

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23 font styles from $32.00 - some free
Wavy Jake’s fat zebra had Mexican pig liquor.
Garet Garet


22 font styles from $26.00 - some free 30% off
What deaf banjo player gives Max Planck quartz?
Gogh Gogh