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Freelance graphic designer steve mehallo originally started designing fonts for his own use.

And each font exploration became niche experiments all their own; mehallo develops his typefaces typically as a response to a design problem, a historical quandary or as a need for that perfect font for a certain job. Precise outlines, even on the rough stuff, are all part of mehallo’s typographic repertoire.

Today, custom font development and logo renderings are a speciality. All of his fonts have deep roots, detailed design research is behind every letter – mehallo also teaches graphic design history and typography courses in one of his other lives.

steve’s fonts have also been available thru Monotype, Linotype, Psy/Ops, Ascender Corp, FontShop and ITC.

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    steve mehallo
    Sacramento, CA
    United States of America
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9 font styles from $32.00
About sixty codfish eggs will make a quarter pound of very fizzy jelly.
Jeanne Moderno™ Jeanne Moderno™


1 font style from $18.80
Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.
Alta California™ Alta California™


1 font style from $19.14
Jaded zombies acted quaintly but kept driving their oxen forward.
Niedermann Grotesk™ Niedermann Grotesk™


8 font styles from $19.42
How vexing a fumble to drop a jolly zucchini in the quicksand.
Chandler 42™ Chandler 42™


15 font styles from $19.56
Martini at Joe's™ Martini at Joe's™


1 font style from $19.23
Six quite crazy kings vowed to abolish my pitiful jousts.
Escoffier Capitaux™ Escoffier Capitaux™


1 font style from $19.91
Dumpy kibitzer jingles as exchequer overflows.
TwentyFourNinetyOne™ TwentyFourNinetyOne™