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The Flying Type

Independent foundry dedicated to creating good-looking, pro-quality and affordable fonts, occasionally acrobatic – the fonts not the foundry! Established in 2021 by creative fellows that have been making successful commercial fonts for more than 10 years.

The Flying Type fonts are positively inspired by sixties and seventies extraordinary faces that every now and then were inspired by twenties faces that every now and then…

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1 font style from $26.00 30% off
Quickly Shortz dreams up a few vexing jumbles.
Acid Green Acid Green


2 font styles from $24.00
Then a cop quizzed Mick Jagger’s ex-wives briefly.
Chorine Chorine


3 font styles from $26.00
Freight to me sixty dozen quart jars and twelve black pans.
Lunatique Lunatique