Best New Fonts of 2020

We want to say thank you for being an amazing customer this year! In 2020, we added many new font families to MyFonts. We’ve taken all our data from the whole year and present you with the definitive Top 25 Best-Selling NEW Fonts of 2020. Along with our list, we are giving out HUGE Savings! Plus, we are bringing you some great designer interviews—be sure to check your emails daily to read the interviews.


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#1 Futura Now by Monotype

Number of Fonts: 107

For nearly 90 years, Paul Renner’s Futura has been as popular as it is versatile—from children’s books to fashion magazines to the plaque on the Moon. Futura is a typographic icon. Futura Now offers designers a chance to see Futura with fresh eyes. It’s more truly Futura-like than any digital version you’ve ever worked with. “It brings some much-needed humanity back to the world of geometric sans serifs,” says Steve Matteson, Monotype’s Creative Type Director who led the design team. “Despite its reputation as the ultimate modern typeface, Futura Now is surprisingly warm,” he explains. “It’s just as at home set next to a leafy tree as it is next to a stainless-steel table, because it skillfully navigates the border between super-clean geometry and humanist warmth.

Regular Price: $699.00

Promo Price: $349.50

SALE ENDS: January 19th, 2021 @ 11:59 p.m. EST

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