End User License Agreement

TYPADELIC FONTS Commercial Use License

Thank you for purchasing Typadelic fonts. By installing any Typadelic font on a computer you or your company owns, you agree that the fonts are the exclusive property of Typadelic, and you or your company are granted a license under the following terms and conditions:


A1 - You can install the font(s) on up to 5 computers used in conjunction with 5 physical output devices.

A2 - The physical output devices mentioned in item A1 can be inkjet printers, laser printers, offset press, silkscreener, vinyl cutter, or die-maker (eg: rubber stamps).

A3 - If you want to license Typadelic fonts for more than 5 computers or output devices, you must upgrade your license to a multiple-user one. A multiple-user license includes the exact same terms as a standard license, but with a higher number of users allowed. Multiple-user licenses come with automatic discounts, based on the number of users you want the license to cover. Simply change the quantity of users in your MyFonts.com cart to automatically upgrade users and cost.


B1 - You can use Typadelic fonts with any software that supports them. This includes software such as Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia, Apple, Corel or any other software, or proprietary software you or your company may have had custom-made for special tasks.

B2 - You can use Typadelic fonts to print as many copies of anything as you like, with no limits on number of impressions or print size (eg: national and international marketing campaigns, million unit print runs, chain-store signs, etc. It gives exposure to Typadelic fonts!)

B3 - You can send Typadelic fonts to your service/prepress bureau if the job requires it, but please ensure the fonts are deleted from their devices once the job is complete. If your service bureau doesn't delete the fonts, they will probably end up being used for a job other than yours, which reduces the value of the fonts you bought and keeps me from being compensated for my work.

B4 - You can embed Typadelic fonts in electronic documents. This includes PDF, Flash and Microsoft Office documents (such as Word or Powerpoint), or multimedia files, but only if the font characters cannot be extracted and the document is not for resale.

B5 - You can use Typadelic fonts for simple web-related tasks, like making raster images (eg: jpeg or gif files) or navigation elements to display on your web site. If you want to use Typadelic fonts as “webfonts” (include them in your site via CSS code), you must obtain a webfont license (all Typadelic fonts are available to purchase as webfonts on the MyFonts.com website). If you want to make Typadelic fonts available as part of a dynamic interface for a server-based program (such as a Flash or PHP/Javascript program), or include them in a web browser-based program, you must contact Typadelic at http://www.typadelic.com/contact.html to purchase additional licensing.

B6- You can use Typadelic fonts to print artwork on clothes, cars, mugs, fridge magnets or any other products that you, your company, or your clients are selling.

B7 - You can use Typadelic fonts to make NON-DIGITAL 3-dimensional shapes, rubber stamps or scrapbooking alphabets that you can sell, but you MUST label your stamps or scrapbooking alphabets with the same name Typadelic uses for the font, and you MUST credit Typadelic with its design. For example: if you produce a complete rubber stamp alphabet using the Persimmon font, the name of your rubber stamp alphabet has to be Persimmon, and somewhere on the packaging of the stamps, or on the web site retailing the stamps, you must state that the alphabet was produced using Typadelic’s Persimmon font.

B8 - You can use Typadelic fonts to produce any artwork meant to be part of a corporate identity or branding. This includes logos, slogans, letterheads, business cards, business forms, banners, film titling, tie-in products, etc.

B9 - You can keep one backup copy of any Typadelic fonts you have licensed, but the backup medium you use should be secure and only privately accessible.

B10 - You can modify Typadelic fonts but only for uses outlined within the conditions of this license, and as long as the modifications are being done by yourself or Typadelic. For example: if you decide that my Persimmon font will be great for your logo, but you need a differently shaped B for it, you can modify the B of the Persimmon font you licensed, and use your new B for the logo.

B11 - If you are wondering about a particular type of usage I forgot to include in this agreement, just drop me a line at http://www.typadelic.com/contact.html and I will try to clarify.


C1 - You cannot give away copies of Typadelic fonts in ways that do not comply with this agreement. For example: you cannot make any Typadelic fonts available for download on the internet, email them to your friends, upload them to public internet file transfer or storing channels. Please respect the value of what I do!

C2 - You cannot resell Typadelic fonts through any medium unless you have written authorization from me to be a Typadelic font distributor. This also means you cannot modify Typadelic fonts then sell the resulting modification.

C3 - As relates to item B10, font modification is allowed, but must be done by either Typadelic or the font’s licensee (that’s you or your company or an employee of your company - but not an outside contractor or the creative department of an affiliate company). Third parties to this license are not allowed to modify Typadelic fonts under any circumstance, unless formally authorized in writing by Typadelic.


D1 - If the Typadelic font you licensed doesn't perform up to your expectations, I (or MyFonts.com) will replace it with a satisfactory copy. Please make sure you include the order number or have the purchase receipt available when you ask for an exchange.

D2 - All Typadelic fonts come with free lifetime support. This is true of any and all Typadelic fonts, but not of customer-modified fonts (including converted or regenerated fonts), unless the modifications were made by Typadelic.

D3 - All Typadelic fonts come with free lifetime version upgrades. For example: if you license a font from me, and a year later I upgrade that font, you get the new upgrade for free. You will get free upgrades as long as Typadelic continues to exist.


E1 - If you use my fonts in a film or publication, please credit the fonts to Typadelic, just like you credit the photos to their photographers and illustrations to their illustrators. A font is a creative work as a photograph or an illustration, so it deserves its own credit where creative credits are given.

E2 - I believe that my licensing terms are more than equitable but if you don't agree, please discuss the issue with me. I am a small independent font developer who is happy when my customers are happy.

E3 - My fonts are made to be used as fonts are normally used. I can guarantee and support their functionality as fonts, but not as anything else. I cannot take responsibility for incidental damages arising from my fonts being used in any application or in a certain way. Also I cannot take responsibility for a user’s level of experience in using fonts within certain workflows. For example: if you license one of my fonts, and one of your employees does not know how to use it or uses it incorrectly, I cannot be held responsible for lost time or an upset client.


Email and web:
[email protected]

I sincerely hope you enjoy using Typadelic fonts as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

Ronna Penner