End User License Agreement

Thundertype Commercial License

Thundertype MyFonts Desktop EULA

1. Personal License.
Thundertype grants license to install and use fonts on any amount of devices but only by one single person, who has acquired the license. If bought on behalf of a company, the fonts can be used within the company. It is prohibited to give the font files to friends and business partners. If the license owner is a designer or an agency who uses the fonts for a client, a client must also purchase the license. 

2. Sharing with service bureau.
There is one exception about sharing — Thundertype allows you to share font files together with layout files to a print service bureau.

4. Font embedding.
Some applications like MS Word or Adobe Acrobat give you possibility to embed fonts in document. Not all of vendors allow embedding and the level of embedding may be different. There are 4 levels of embedding: “Installable” - gives you right to distribute fonts with document in such way that any user of that document may permanently install embedded fonts into his system . “Editable” - a user of your document may temporarily install fonts and edit your document with these fonts, but when the document will be closed, fonts will be uninstalled. “Print & Preview” - document with this kind of embedding can only be opened in 'read-only' mode. “No embedding” - no embedding.

5. Modifications.
Thundertype does not allow any modifications and require additional written permission for that.

6. License Transferability.
Thundertype does not allow transferring your license to another person or company.

7. All Sales Final.
As all our products are “Digital Downloads”, all sales are final. We understand that from time to time there may be uncontrollable variables that can hinder the download of your licensed product. However, Thundertype is continuously making efforts to ensure our download servers are performing to their best ability. In addition, all purchases will be accessible at any time. We do not place time restrictions or limitations on the number of downloads for your licensed product. If you are still unable to download your licensed product, please contact us at [email protected]