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fy{T}i - Perfect Font Pairings | Myfonts

fy{T}i - Perfect Font Pairings


Perfect Font Pairings are single-page modules that answer the most common questions about the pairing of typefaces. Each will be dedicated to an important typeface family. In them you will learn the following:

  • The typeface designer and style classification
  • The most important characteristics of the design
  • Tips for what to look for when considering typefaces to pair with the design
  • Six ideal typefaces to pair with the design
  • The vibe of the typeface pairing in text and display examples
  • How to select a typeface that will complement a design and how to determine what typefaces can serve as a counterpoint to the design


Perpetua was to be the first original typeface in Stanley Morison’s plan for building the Monotype type library. He wanted the design patterned after epigraphic rather than calligraphic letters, and asked Eric Gill to create the design.

Avenir® Next

“When creating the Avenir® typeface, Adrian Frutiger drew inspiration from the past and the future. His goal was to modernize the geometric sans serif styles of the early 20th century, while embodying the aesthetics of the 21st century. In the process, Frutiger also infused a touch of organic humanism into the design.

Futura® Now

Futura Now is the definitive re-digitized version of the iconic geometric sans serif typeface. With 102 styles, including Condensed, Headline, and Text weights, in addition to extensive language support, Futura Now is poised to take on virtually any typographic task.

ITC Avant Garde Gothic®

ITC Avant Garde Gothic’s characters are based heavily on geometric shapes. There is no softening with humanistic undertones. Its lowercase x-height is tall and the characters are wide. Weights range from a delicate extra light to a commanding bold. Both regular and condensed proportions are available.