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Resistenza is the first italo-spanish type foundry based in Valencia, Spain and Torino, Italy, founded in 2008 with over 100 font families. Specialised in calligraphic, display and handwritten fonts.

Resistenza specializes in type-design, branding, calligraphy & lettering. Giuseppe Salerno and Paco González are the two founders, italian and spanish, their passion for writing and handcrafted lettering became their strengths. Brushy types, calligraphic strokes, originality in faces are their best distinguished characteristic. The first type was Afrobeat, a multiline circular type that grows up very fast and became their first product on the list. But afterwards many other experiments and more expressive designs like Berliner Fraktur, or an english copperplate like Copperlove bring Giuseppe Salerno’s hand into a typeface.

Meet the team.


Paco Gonzalez

Paco González is a Spanish graphic designer from Valencia. His background varies from working in the travel industry and marketing to graphic design. He develops visual identities and typographic projects. His typographic work is focused on handwritten typefaces, scripts and illustrative icons, dingbats and little sketches.


Guiseppe Salerno

Giuseppe Salerno mixes his calligraphic skills with his type knowledge, he has been in the creative field for 14 years passing through Berlin, Madrid, Valencia, Seattle to work for clients all over the globe. Together with Paco González they founded studio. Brushy types, calligraphic strokes, orginality in the typefaces are their most distinguished style characteristic. They create typefaces to improve their graphic design projects and they practice calligraphy as a basic method for the script typefaces.