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Fonts from Hanoded

Hanoded Fonts is a one-man-and-a-kitchen-table foundry from The Netherlands, owned and run by David Kerkhoff. David started making fonts because he just could not find that one handwritten font he was looking for. David is a bit of a serial typographer; he released over 600 fonts to date and is not planning to quit any time soon!

Fonts from Hanoded

Hanoded Fonts is a type foundry from The Netherlands and is run by David Kerkhoff. David specialises in handmade typefaces. He uses Chinese ink, crayons, marker pens and whatever he can steal from his kids’ colouring boxes to create his fonts.

Meet the designer.

Type Designer

David Kerkhoff

David Kerkhoff was born in The Netherlands, a few months after the last of the Woodstock hippies found their way home. He studied journalism, decided that it was not his career move, and went on an extended trip around the world. He has worked as a tour guide, a photographer and a bicycle salesman (the list goes on...), but ended up back in The Netherlands with his lovely wife and three kids. When he is not designing fonts, he forges knives and raises chickens.

Hanoded Fonts are included in Monotype Fonts.