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Fonts from OGJ Type.

OGJ Type has released timeless typefaces that were designed with their users in mind. A focus on traditional workmanship and the trained eyes of Oliver Jeschke ensure a constantly high product value and a golden “quality before quantity” maxim.

OGJ Type Design is proud to be the only official distributor of the Max Bill Font Library and to further collaborate with the Max Bill Georges Vantongerloo Foundation in order to produce new “post-Max Bill” designs that live up to the spirit of Bill’s original ideas.

Meet the team.
Max Bill

Creative Type Director

Max Bill

Last universal scholar, most important design teacher of the 20th century: There are superlatives, always very enthusiastic, when the importance of Max Bill is discussed. The trained silversmith studied at the Bauhaus, with personalities such as Josef Albers, Paul Klee and Oskar Schlemmer. He worked as an architect, later as sculptor and designer.


Creative Type Director

Oliver Jeschke

A fourth-generation creative from Berlin. In his early twenties, he left Germany in order to work at Tatin Design Enterprises in Basel, Switzerland, where he learned to design new typefaces from scratch—manually, without digital tools. After a few years, he went back to Berlin, inspired by the Swiss commitment to quality and equipped with an increased sense of persistence (which is the key to seeing a typeface through).

Monotype Fonts

OGJ Fonts are included in Monotype Fonts.