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Fonts from Paulo Goode.

Paulo had a long and varied creative career behind him before trying his hand at type design in 2014. He calls upon his 30 years’ experience as a technical illustrator, graphic designer, and website designer/developer when designing his typefaces and, as a creator of type, fully understands what is required as a user of type. Paulo’s releases mainly focus on type for branding purposes. 

Meet the designer.
Paulo Goode

Type Designer

Paulo Goode

As a child I was fascinated by the multitude of letterforms that surround us, I would spend hours drawing words (and cars) in my sketchbooks. I don't know what happened to those sketches, but I certainly never made it as an automobile designer! Maybe there's a chance my fonts will prove more successful? As I grew up, I developed my artistic skills and became a technical illustrator and moved into graphic design with the advent of the Macintosh computer. At the age of 45 I rekindled my interest in typeface design and fell in love with the process of font creation and producing some interesting typefaces of distinction. I'm still fascinated by the multitude of letterforms that surround us, and am very happy to be contributing my own.

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