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Fonts from PintassilgoPrints.

PintassilgoPrints is a digital type foundry based in Brazil, founded and run by Erica Jung & Ricardo Marcin. Since 2009 they develop successful display fonts, both retail and custom, powered by solar energy and trusted by talented creatives all over the world.

PintassilgoPrints Fonts

PintassilgoPrints is run by two people who love the sun and the ocean as much as they love type. Not surprisingly, the studio was born on an island and is now located – who would guess? – on another island. It’s also not surprising that their fonts,  which reflect their background in experimental printing processes, are filled with positive vibrations. And quite possibly with a splash of seawater.

Meet the team.

Graphic & Type Designer

Erica Jung

Erica Jung is half of PintassilgoPrints. She graduated from Communication School at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, presenting a final work devoted to typography. She worked as a graphic and web designer and in 2009 dreamed PintassilgoPrints with her partner Ricardo. The dream came true—and stayed beautifully true. Erica works from his home in Florianópolis, south of Brazil. She loves the sun, reading books, and playing drums. Heavily.

Graphic & Type Designer

Ricardo Marcin

Ricardo Marcin is half of PintassilgoPrints. He has a technical degree in Chemistry, occupation of his first professional years while attending Philosophy at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. After many years dedicated to manual printing processes and the creation of graphic pieces and products, which always involved letter drawings and paintings, he launched PintassilgoPrints in 2009 with his partner Erica, with whom he also shares life.
Ricardo now works from his home office on the beautiful island of Florianópolis. He doesn't surf. Yet.