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You're the chef of creativity, and a Monotype Fonts subscription is your gourmet pantry with a vast font collection of over 150,000 fonts. Join us at this special Type soirée like no other, where every bite is a celebration. What's on the menu? A delicious SWEEPSTAKES!

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Monotype Fonts - Fonts in use inspiration gallery:


Image 1 - Beer Poster: Lordish & Avenir Next®
For this beer advertisement, Simon chose Lordish & Avenir® Next to show how two very different typefaces can work well together. The song and powerful blackletter characters of Lordish command attention as a title/header. Avenir® Next sits well as a secondary typeface displaying details and smaller text while still being readable.

Image 2 - Postcard: Ariestha & Nimbus Sans®
This postcard design uses a mix of the fun and retro feel from Ariestha along with the easy to read characters of Nimbus Sans® showing how scripts and sans serif fonts can be blended into one graphic. The swash characters of Ariestha really add to the retro style of the artwork.

Image 3 - Business Cards: Dobra Slab & Avenir® Next
Simon picked Dobra Slab to show how a geometric slab typeface can work as a header. Bold, robust and commanding. Backing it up is Avenir® Next for smaller details text. Clean and readable at smaller sizes making it a perfect go-to font.

Image 4 - Music Poster: DIN Next & Hideout & Helvetica® Now
For this music poster mock-up, Simon picked three different typefaces. A Monotype Fonts Subscription makes it easy to pick many different styles! Din® Next for the Artist's name - Clean and bold. Hideout as a sub heading for the band name brings texture and contrast to Din Next & finally Helvetica® Now for the small body text.

Image 5 - Packaging: Norman Stencil & Resolve Sans
Norman Stencil & Resolve Sans - two polar opposite typefaces used for this packaging design again, show how different styles can work well together. Norman Stencils the star of there show with its great alternates and Nimbus Sans gives a great supporting role with its condensed and regular styles.

Image 6 - Flier: Kolesom
Simon picked Kolesom for our final piece here again showing how one typeface can really make a piece standout. Kolesom's textured characters and alternates give a great retro vibe to this flier.

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  • 1 Grand Prize Winner = $3,000 cash prize and Fontacular T-Shirt
  • 4 Winners = $500 cash prize and Fontacular T-Shirt
  • 50 Winners = 2023 Fontacular T-Shirt

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About the Designers

All Fontacular illustrations and headers were created by Lauren Hakmiller, Monotype Fonts images were created by Marie Boulanger, and our font inspiration images were created by Simon Lamb.

Lauren Hakmiller is a Designer, Illustrator, and Art Director based in Charleston, South Carolina. Currently, Lauren is an in-house visual designer at Dropbox. She also takes on select freelance projects. Lauren's work takes inspiration from her loved ones, the outdoors, gatherings, and daily life in Charleston. Personal projects can be found here see her other work here.

Marie Boulanger Marie is a Paris-born, London-based independent type designer and Brand Designer at Monotype, where amongst other projects, she leads the ongoing research project in collaboration with Neurons, exploring how typefaces emotionally impact us. See more of her work here.

Simon Lamb is a graphic designer and artist based in Chicago, Illinois. With close to 20+ years of experience, he has worked with clients from all over the world producing design solutions for web & print.

May fortune smile upon you as you enter the Sweepstakes. Good luck and may you win big!