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Fonts in Action

Get ready for the Fonts in Action SALE of the year! We’ve handpicked over 120 awesome fonts to jazz up your projects, and they’re all on display this week. Whether you’re designing interfaces, crafting branding masterpieces, whipping up captivating advertising campaigns, or dreaming up eye-catching packaging, we’ve got the font that will make your project shine.

And the best part? You can snag them at discounts of up to 40% off!

Now’s the time to grab your favorites. But don’t wait too long, this sale ends on May 28th at 11:59 p.m. EDT!


When selecting fonts for digital platforms like websites, mobile apps, and software, it’s crucial to strike a balance between establishing brand identity and ensuring usability across various contexts. Fonts should possess distinctiveness without being excessively unique, allowing for versatility in their application.

Prioritizing legibility, especially in numerical characters, is essential. Fonts should offer a range of weights and proportions to cater to different design needs and screen sizes.

Considerations for character spacing, open counters, and clear apertures contribute to improved readability. It’s worth noting that typefaces with significant contrast in stroke weights might not translate well on smaller screens due to limited space and resolution constraints.

While unique fonts can enhance brand recognition, they should also meet the practical requirements of mobile device usage. Utilizing a spectrum of weights—from light for banners and headings to bold for emphasis—allows for effective hierarchy and visual cohesion.

Check out our carefully curated font selection below to see how our foundry partners have integrated their fonts into interface designs.


In advertising typography, maintaining brand consistency is paramount across all mediums—be it print, interactive media, email, or social platforms. The essence of advertising lies in capturing attention swiftly and conveying messages effectively to promote products or services. Utilizing bold and easily readable typefaces is crucial for customers to quickly understand the product and the ad. Concise headlines, typically comprising three to four words, maximize impact, as the human eye can quickly absorb only a few words at a glance.

If your client’s primary branding font leans towards neutrality without a complementary counterpart, suggesting the integration of a secondary font family with more personality can be beneficial. Dive into our selection to glean insights and inspiration from the innovative approaches adopted by our foundry partners in the advertising domain.


The selection of typefaces plays a pivotal role in crafting a distinctive brand identity and designing your brand logo, especially in a competitive landscape where every business vies for attention. Typefaces serve as the visual embodiment of a brand’s personality and values.

When curating typefaces for branding, it’s essential to think expansively. Look for typeface families offering diverse weights, styles, and proportions, anticipating future needs for varied designs. Additionally, consider how the selected typeface will resonate over time, ensuring it maintains relevance and longevity for the brand’s evolution. With over 130,000 fonts available on MyFonts, the possibilities for finding the perfect match are abundant.

Explore our curated section below to discover how these fonts can seamlessly integrate into your brand identity, including logos, to effectively communicate your business’s essence and distinguish it from competitors.


Typography extends beyond font selection, encompassing strategic placement of headlines and subheads, choice of typefaces, colors, and layouts to enhance content flow, readability, and brand recognition. Fonts should not only be visually appealing and easy to read but also smoothly lead readers into the text without distraction, especially in books, magazines, and blogs. Establishing a clear hierarchy and facilitating scanability make messages more memorable. Additionally, consistent typeface choices and arrangements contribute to building brand recognition over time. Explore our carefully selected collection below to observe how our partner foundries utilize typography in print and digital media for various publications.


Typography in fashion extends beyond publication design and fashion magazine advertising; it encompasses various merchandise applications such as hang tags, t-shirt slogans, and tote bags. Selecting fonts for these purposes entails aligning them with the merchandise’s style. Look below to find fonts that are great for the merchandising atmosphere.


Effective packaging design strikes a balance between grabbing attention and conveying essential information. Whether it’s for cereal, cleaning products, or self-care products, choosing eye-catching typefaces is crucial, as packaging serves as both advertising and branding.

However, visual appeal is only part of the equation. It’s equally important to ensure that customers can easily understand your product’s details, such as usage instructions and contents. This means pairing your main packaging font with highly legible and easy-to-read fonts.

Moreover, adhering to the principle of “less is more” is advisable. While it might be tempting to use multiple fonts for the product packaging, this can result in cluttered and confusing designs, particularly on the limited space available on packaging.

Look below to discover how our foundry partner have incorporated their fonts into compelling packaging designs.


Fonts in stationery designs often blend decorative and text styles, commonly incorporating script or handwritten fonts for invitations, greeting cards, and menus, adding a personal touch and evoking emotions. Display fonts, ranging from inline to stencil styles, serve to convey mood or style, but should be used sparingly and alongside legible fonts for clarity. While long-form reading fonts may not be necessary, ensuring essential information on items like invitations or business cards remains easily legible is paramount. Striking a balance between decorative and legible fonts is crucial to avoid readability issues, ensuring a seamless experience for customers.

Explore our curated selection below to witness how our foundry partners have effectively utilized fonts in diverse stationery designs!


We are proud to present to you fonts that are a part of each of our Trends Report of 2024. The Monotype Studio Directors have carefully curated a list of fonts that are on pulse for 2024 from categories like Flux, Whatever, Quirk, and more! Be a type trendsetter and grab one of the fonts below!

Fonts in Action Sale of up to 40% off ends May 28th at 11:59 p.m. EDT!

Don’t miss out, grab these deals today!

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