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360 Font Family was designed by Robbie de Villiers and published by Wilton Foundry. 360 contains 1 styles.

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About 360 Font Family

Distorted fonts are great but are mostly not very practical - 360 is an attempt to create a simple distorted font that can be used far beyond a few logos or headlines. Each 360 character averages roughly half the number of sharp angles of a regular sans serif. This gives it an unusually fresh and timeless appeal and creates a dynamic presence across body text that is very legible and compact without looking overly condensed. 360 was chosen as a name because it can be used as an everyday font, all year round, and because 360 has so many unusual angles that don't conform to normal font conventions. 360 also happens to be a cool number: 360 makes a highly composite number. 360 is also a superior highly composite number and a colossally abundant number. A circle is divided into 360 degrees for the purpose of angular measurement. 360° is also called round angle. 360 is a convenient standard since, 360 being highly composite, it allows a circle to be divided into equal segments with each segment measured in integer degrees rather than fractional degrees. 360 is the sum of a twin prime (179 + 181). A year is roughly calculated as 360 days.

Designers: Robbie de Villiers

Publisher: Wilton Foundry

Foundry: Wilton Foundry

Design Owner: Wilton Foundry

MyFonts debut: Jun 18, 2006


About Wilton Foundry

Wilton Foundry was started by award-winning graphic designer Robbie de Villiers. Robbie has extensive training in calligraphy which fuels his love for designing fonts. He considers it a huge privilege designing fonts that are the ultimately messengers of thinking that can stir emotions and perhaps even cause life-changing experiences to its recipients. EYE magazine issue 86 features Wilton Foundry's Ciseaux & Pezzo fonts. The BBC used Wilton Foundry's "Plumage" for their classic 4 season hit series "Lark Rise To Candleford" One of the oldest cities in Germany, the city of Erfurt uses the WERK family as their official font.

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