Abdulsamiea Rajab Salem
The Egyptian type designer, Abdulsamiea Rajab Salem born in Egypt in 1968, is a very great type designer. He might be known by few only as he stands behind all Future Soft company fonts. It is a leading company in Arabization field and producing the Arabic and Islamic programs beside the children programs. Those fonts appeared between 1998 and 2000. He designed many good fonts such as: FS_Africa, FS_Alex, FS_Bold, FS_Cairo, FS_Diwany, FS_Egypt, FS_Free, FS_Future, FS_Graphic, FS_India, FS_Japan, FS_Jet, FS_Lotas, FS_Metal, FS_Modern1, FS_Modern2, FS_Nice, FS_Old, FS_Pincel, FS_Point, FS_Rajab, FS_Rope, FS_Salem, FS_Strip Now, he is the technical manager at "Delta Group for Printing", he has 25 years' experience in graphic and print. He is very skilled in dealing with graphic design, photography, oil photography and fine print production. He has participated in many local calligraphy art gallery shows as he had a diploma in calligraphy in 1991.

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