Abrams Legacy

The Abrams Legacy Collection was established to preserve and promote the legacy of renowned type designer and lettering artist, George Abrams. Abrams Venetian is his take on classic Venetian old-style type and Abrams Augereau his take on the classic Garamond old-style. From the obituary for Mr. Abrams in the New York Times:“Among his type designs are three known as Abrams Venetian, Abrams Augereau and Abrams Caslon [yet to be released]. He created the cover logos for a number of popular magazines, notably the original one for Sports Illustrated in 1954. Others he designed included those for Newsweek (1968), The Saturday Evening Post (1965) and House Beautiful (1949).His lettering showed up in the headlines and subheadings of Life magazine. He created logos for the Singer Company; Reed & Barton, the silverware maker; and Ballantine beer and ale. He also hand lettered copy for corporate giants like American Express and General Foods.”