Alan Birch
The British designer Alan Birch created the fonts , , and . Bitmax was designed in 1990. Birch was inspired by the look of fax transmissions. He took Helvetica™ medium and used controlled distortions to create this commanding, high-tech style. Bitmax is best used in large display sizes for a limited number of words. LCD was created in 1981. The name of the typeface LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, the display technology used in digital watches and clocks, for example. LCD is a good choice when a futuristic, high-tech look is desired. Rubber Stamp, designed in 1983, is a stencil typeface complete with smudged edges and irregular white spaces. Rubber Stamp is suitable for many large display applications. The futuristic font Synchro, created in 1984, reproduces the look of electronic display systems. In addition to many alternate characters, this typeface offers the options of black on white or white on black. Synchro is an excellent choice for work requiring an advanced, high-tech appearance. Bitmax, LCD, Rubber Stamp and Synchro are included in the Linotype Library. Rubber Stamp is a trademark of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, which may be registered in certain jurisdictions, exclusively licensed through Linotype GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. Bitmax is a trademark of International Typeface Corporation. LCD and Synchro are trademarks of Esselte Letraset Limited.

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