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Alles Kaputt

Alles Kaputt

by Kitchen Table Type Foundry
Individual Styles from $16.00
Complete family of 2 fonts: $25.00
Alles Kaputt Font Family was designed by David Kerkhoff and published by Kitchen Table Type Foundry. Alles Kaputt contains 2 styles and family package options.

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Alles Kaputt Complete Family

2 fonts

Best Value!

Per style:


Pack of 2 styles:


About Alles Kaputt Font Family

Alles Kaputt means ‘everything’s broken’ in German. I always wonder why my stuff breaks so easily, especially my mobile phones (I have had 7 in the last two years). Maybe I am careless, but I believe that there is a more or less scientific explanation that chaos and destruction are far easier than harmony and creation. I am no scientist, so don’t take my word for it!

Alles Kaputt is a nice script font. I made it with a felt tip pen I borrowed from the kids.

Use it for texts on product packaging, book covers and websites. Or, whatever you fancy!

Designers: David Kerkhoff

Publisher: Kitchen Table Type Foundry

Foundry: Kitchen Table Type Foundry

Design Owner: Kitchen Table Type Foundry

MyFonts debut: Jul 3, 2023

Alles Kaputt

About Kitchen Table Type Foundry

Kitchen Table Type Foundry is run by me, David Kerkhoff. I also run Hanoded Fonts, which some of you may actually have heard of! :-0KTTF was created as an inspirational boost; a playground for new ideas and possibly font designs that may not fit the Hanoded Fonts brand - but I am not too strict about this rule. Since I design all the fonts, you may come across similarities - but that, unfortunately, is not something I can avoid. After all, it is just me, my laptop computer and the kitchen table I sit at when I design fonts and for which this foundry was named.

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