Allmo Studio

My name is Muhammad Nur Alamsyah, I live in Indonesia. Previously I was a person who loved to draw, then I got to know the digital world or draw on a computer in 2009. The first time I got to know fonts was around 2015, but I didn't know how to make fonts. 2017 I was able to make fonts properly and correctly as a result of self-taught. In 2017 I was immediately accepted as a font contributor in the creative market until now. I decided to name the foundry Allmo Studio. Allmo is spell from "Alam" which is my own name, and "Mo" Spell from "Monster" because I used to like drawing monsters.I focus on making retro or vintage-style fonts, I'm used to seeing types of bread packaging or various kinds of packaging in super markets. I fell in love with that vintage visual. but time goes on trying to make a signature font style, I hope that later my font can be used by big world-class brands so that they can make my country proud.this is my website store www.movefont.comI am located in the Wonogiri village area which is very far from the city and all kinds of information, even the internet sometimes has difficulty signaling. but I never give up on fighting because it's all a hobby, so I'm happy to do it.