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ALS Scripticus

ALS Scripticus™

by Art. Lebedev Studio
Individual Styles from $63.00
ALS Scripticus Font Family was designed by Julia Sysmäläinen and published by Art. Lebedev Studio. ALS Scripticus contains 2 styles.

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About ALS Scripticus Font Family

There are many script typefaces but there is only one Scripticus. Scripticus is like a chameleon: In whatever surroundings you put it, it adapts itself and looks like it couldn't be anywhere else. Be it a sales advertisement, a music Website, a comic strip or a journal with complex chemical formula – Scripticus always solves the problem in a natural and leisurely way. And it never makes compromises concerning clarity. But where does Scripticus come from? … From the good old high school blackboard! Blackboards have become almost obsolete in teaching, but be it a black or white background – clear, strong characters placed on the board while the facts are explained are still one of the best ways to make and keep things understandable. Scripticus is dedicated to my high school chemistry teacher who was an expert in just this. While the letterforms come from different inspirations, its aim is the same as the pedagogical aim of my teacher: Combining clarity with a strong personality. Scripticus has a special trick to give it its natural look: Four alternates for each letter and each number plus rotation coding make the glyphs appear in lively melodic flow. In this way even mathematic equations look nice! Scripticus has a lot of OT-features that help it do its job. They are: capital spacing, localized forms, subscript, scientific inferiors, superscript, numerators, denominators, fractions, ordinals, tabular figures, historical forms, ligatures, stylistic alternates, stylistic set and ornaments. Finally, as is my general goal in type design – Scripticus supports close to one hundred languages from Latin extended to Cyrillic extended.

Designers: Julia Sysmäläinen

Publisher: Art. Lebedev Studio

Foundry: Art. Lebedev Studio

Original Foundry: unknown

Design Owner: Art. Lebedev Studio

MyFonts debut: Sep 17, 2013

ALS Scripticus™ is a trademark of Art. Lebedev Studio.

About Art. Lebedev Studio

Art. Lebedev Studio, founded in 1995 in Moscow, is Russia's leading privately owned company offering advanced industrial, graphic, web and interface design. In every area, the Studio works to find the most simple and convenient solutions without losing the purport. Following this principle, the Studio now releases its original text and display typefaces. Art. Lebedev Studio fonts are meant for publishing, advertising, decorative and signage purposes.

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