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Ambrosia™ by Jelloween
Licenses from $20.00
Complete family of 6 fonts: $20.00
Ambrosia Font Family was designed by Tjarda Koster and published by Jelloween. Ambrosia contains 6 styles and family package options. More about this family


6 fonts
  • Ambrosia Bold Ambrosia Bold

  • Ambrosia Bold Italic Ambrosia Bold Italic

  • Ambrosia Ambrosia

  • Ambrosia Light Condensed Italic Ambrosia Light Condensed Italic

  • Ambrosia Light Condensed Ambrosia Light Condensed

  • Ambrosia Italic Ambrosia Italic

Per Style: $3.33

Pack of 6 : $20.00

About Ambrosia Font Family

The Ambrosia font family contains a series of very legible typefaces, suitable for both text setting/print and display use. Ambrosia comes in 6 different styles (regular, italic, bold, bold italic, light condensed and light condensed italic) and 2 different formats (Truetype & Windows Postscript).

Designers: Tjarda Koster

Publisher: Jelloween

Foundry: Jelloween

Design Owner: Jelloween

MyFonts debut: Sep 6, 2006

Ambrosia™ is a trademark of Jelloween Font Foundry.

About Jelloween

The Jelloween Font Foundry is a one (wo)man project, started in 2006 by Tjarda Koster. She currently lives in the Netherlands and has been making fonts since late 2005. Some of her earliest designs - mostly pixelfonts - are viewable (and freely downloadable) from the Jelloween website. When not making fonts, Tjarda spends her time studying, drawing and messing around with all sorts of digital art.