Andrew Leman
Andrew Leman is, among other things, a prop designer in Hollywood, California. His work has been seen in numerous films and television shows including “Galaxy Quest”, “Ali”, “What Lies Beneath”, and “The West Wing”. He has developed a collection of vintage prop documents for use in live-action role playing games, stage and film. More recently, he has begun producing and directing films with his collaborator of many years, Sean Branney. Their latest movie, “The Call of Cthulhu,” has been winning accolades on the international film festival circuit. In a relentless quest for authentic replication of vintage type and the feel of pre-digital printing technology, he has created many of his own fonts, some of which are now available through his own foundry, E-phemera. Leman grew up in a publishing family, and vividly remembers the smell of printer’s ink in the pressroom.

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